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Overview of services and capabilities
An introduction to the research services available from the NIHR DEC Newcastle

NIHR DEC Newcastle Management Group
As part of its governance arrangements, the Management Group, consisting of multi-disciplinary experts in their field, provides strategic guidance and advice to the NIHR DEC Newcastle

NIHR DEC Newcastle Team
The NIHR DEC Newcastle has brought together a team with the capabilities to work with you to generate the evidence required to demonstrate the benefits of your product

Support and services available during and after your study
In addition to the support in designing studies, to evaluate your test, support can also provided throughout the evaluation process, from study set-up, right through to reporting of the results

Creating an evidence development strategy
The NIHR DEC Newcastle can work with you to understand where in the evidence development pathway your device currently is, and help optimise your evidence development strategy

Care pathway analysis
We can help to determine where your new diagnostic test fits in clinical care pathways and to identify how it could make an improvement

Test evaluation methodology & Health Economics
You have identified your research questions. Now, how can the NIHR DEC Newcastle help youto generate robust evidence?

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